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You are hereBasics of Supply Chain Management

Basics of Supply Chain Management


Multiple choice question

A company wants to produce 10,000 units over a 5 month period at a level daily production. What would the daily production be with 20, 20 19, 22, 19 working days in each month respectively?


Multiple choice question

In a periodic review system
Lead time = 2 weeks
Forecast = 150 per week
Review Period = 4 weeks
Safety stock = 100 Units

What is the target inventory level?


Multiple choice question

Which of the following is NOT a type of buffer from the Theory of Constraints world?


Multiple choice question

The objective of an ERP system for marketing is


Multiple choice question

If the annual demand for ski's are 1200 a year and in the month of December the product sells 200. What is the seasonal index for the month of December?

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