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Detailed Scheduling and Planning


Multiple choice question

The difference between Projected Available Balance and Projected On-Hand Balance is that Projected On-Hand Balance what?


Multiple choice question

For a make to stock environment, when the part has passed final inspection and booked to stores it becomes what?


Multiple choice question

A purchase order is signed with ABC company for $3,000 worth of materials.  The average salary of a buyer is paid $25 an hour and manufacturing gets paid $20 an hour.
It takes 5 hours for a buyer to set up a purchase order and it takes manufacturing 10 hours to set up the job and 40 hours to process the job
How much are the ordering/ setup costs for this purchase order


Multiple choice question

What is defined as the amount of planned work scheduled for and actual work released to a facility, work center, or operation for a specific span of time?


Multiple choice question

Holding Costs Include all of the following EXCEPT

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