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SMR Notes or Study Guides

By Anonymous - Posted on 17 June 2012

Please some one share the SMR notes /study guides or question papers etc.

Thanks in advance

Check the attachement

Its a good presentation on SMR. I have few other docs as well but they are of more than 5mb, so cant upload in the forum

Let me know your mail id.

I 'll send you those docs as well



Can you please send SMR study material on shakeelrehman86@gmail.com


Can share it sathya45@yahoo.com

Hi All,

I need SMR notes. Please share on anoop_m31@yahoo.co.in

You can also forward the notes to mashcket@yahoo.co.uk


Thank You for the ppt. Can you please send the other files to sagarbshah.31@gmail.com.

please I need SMR study notes on rest of chapters

Can you please send SMR study notes on rest of chapters to zellchoi@hotmail.com? Your help is much appreciated.

Dear colleagues,
please help me and send suitable material / practice questions on DSP. My email id is dseth1966@gmail.com

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